Canine petit dejeuner

  Why do women wear make up? This is part rhetorical and part enquiring. Of course, I imagine there are many reasons why a lady will wear make up, but in essence, the second part of my question is “do they do it for themselves or for others?”. The reason I ask this is not […]

Masterly subservient

I wonder who else has a meeting, every now and then, which just leaves you both in fits? I saw one lady a while back and although we have met a few times and we have always enjoyed a good laugh, I think Nitrous oxide must have been circulating in the air con on the […]

Call girl & Escort

Many clients searching for call girl service in London, but there are only ‘escorts and escorts agencies’. Lets explain you with the term ‘call girl’ and ‘escort’ the Call girl and the Escort? There are many terms used by clients to describe their sexy London escorts. The most popular term international clients use is the term call girl. […]

Top Countries of Escorts

There is no need to visit all the countries in order to find captivating information about the importance of escorts’ service among different countries of the world. It is enough to use a sexual geographical map to learn about the best and the worst countries for the development of escorts’ services. Escort in Sweden Sweden […]

How To Become An Escort

We all have different aspirations and dreams in life that we want to achieve. Many of us will do anything to achieve it no matter what it takes. Admit it or not, it is common knowledge that being an escort will earn you money and if an escort is popular to the clients then she’ll […]

How to Treat a escort girl

How to Treat a escort girl In this section Top Escort book will get into how you should treat these women. I talk about the fact that they’re not your escort girlfriends. I explain how these escort girls expect and should be treated. I get into who is really in charge when a escort girl […]