The Romance story: My Lady Boss

I can’t take my gaze at what she’s holding in her hands. It looks like a jelly rabbit and I know she will use it on me this time. Oohhh I can’t wait to taste it on my mouth and on my already feverish pussy. As if she can read my mind, my Lady Boss answered me.
“Yes baby, I will use it on you later. I know you will love this one. It’s called a “rabbit”, it will stimulate both your pussy and clitoris. Hmmmm can’t wait to use it on you.” My Lady boss said.

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Now, I want you to sit on that chair baby and spread your legs wide, put both of your hands at your side. Don’t touch me or move until I tell you to, do you understand?
“Yes Boss.” I’ll wait for your command.

“Good. Now move along and let’s start.”

Sitting down, I can’t help but stare at her as she moves towards me holding that vibrator and a scarf. As she reached my side, she started to wrap the scarf around my eyes.
“Ssshhhhh baby, it’s alright. I’ll just cover your eyes. This will be fun baby.” My Lady Boss said.
I just nodded, giving my whole hearted trust on her.

As she finished tying the scarf around my eyes, I can feel a feathery thing caressing my skin moving down towards my breasts. Ohhhhh, both my nipples are perking up and my pussy’s so wet now I can feel it flowing down on the chair.. Grabbing my hands, she placed it on the arm’s chair as she locks it behind a leathery cuff. Ohhhh, I’m tied to a chair; I’ll be helpless as she pleasures me. I’ll not be able to touch her as she’s touching me. I can’t help but moan my frustration.
I heard her laughing seeing my frustration. That’s the way I like it baby. You, begging me to give you release. The decision is up to me now. I hope you will never forget that I will always be your boss both in the office and here at home. Do you copy that baby?

“Yes, I will remember that Boss.” I answered.

Good. Now, let’s continue where we left off baby. Hmmmmm, I hope you’ll not pass out on me this time baby.

All I can do is gasp out load as she pulled my nipples and put nipple clamps on it. Oohhhhh God, I moaned. Uhhmmmmmmmmmmm. I can feel its sharp bite on my sensitive skin. The pain fades away as pleasure from the clamps kicked in.

“Now, that is just the beginning baby.”

As I was just getting used to the feeling, my Lady Boss continued to caress my skin downwards until she reached the apex of my thighs. I can imagine her kneeling and staring at my shaven pussy. I know she can see my pussy glistening with my juices.

Moving my legs to push them together, I felt her hands stopping them from moving, tying both legs to the legs of the chair…

To be continued…