Brennan’s Love

Brennan’s Love

As Brent lay down on his bed that night, he can’t help but remember his sexy encounter with that hot chick from London.

He can still feel her hot lips as she sucks and licks his 7 inches cock down to his balls up to his ass, oh how she can swallow all of it without gagging making him so hard and ready to burst. As he remembers that scenario, he can’t help but hold his raging cock and feel pre cum on its head. Hmmmm, wish time would fly for him to be able to go and meet her again.

the sexy encounter

Kring, kring, kring. I woke up to the sound of my cellular phone ringing, checking up the time I can see it’s already late and I know I’ll not be able to make my morning run at the park. As I answer the phone, my best friend John reminded me of our boy’s night out this evening. Confirming my attendance, I then went to the bathroom to take a bath.

As I was standing under the shower, I can’t help but hold my hard cock, pumping it slowly. How I wish that she’s the one stroking my cock. Imagining her eating my cock, I pumped my cock faster and harder as I reach my orgasm. Ohhhh, I truly hope she’ll meet me later as planned.

Arriving at our meeting place later that night, I saw her waving at me. I then proceeded and sat next to her, basking in her beauty. We then ordered food and exchanged stories. We were shocked when the waiter approached us and said that they were about to close. Staring around, we realized that we are the only ones left.

Leaving the restaurant, I took hold of her hands and stared at her silently asking if she’ll agree to come home with me. Agreeing with a nod, I led her towards my car and we went home.

Upon entering my place, I grabbed her and turned her around, lifting her face towards mine.

“I will kiss you Leah, I’ve waited a long time just to be able to do it. Please don’t resist me.” I said.

“Yes, Brennan you can do whatever you want with me.” Leah answered.

Carefully undressing her, I placed her on my bed staring at her naked body lustfully.

“Spread your legs and let me watch you pleasure yourself Leah.” I ordered her.

Doing as ordered, I then stripped of my pants and t-shirt and kneeled between her legs as she continues to plunge her fingers on that pussy.

“Ohhhh Brennan, I’m so wet. Please love me.” I heard her say.

“Hmmmmm, okay. Play with your tits while I will eat that pussy.” I said.

Opening her pussy, I lapped and gently bite her clitoris causing her to shout with pleasure.

Uhhhmmmm, your pussy is so yummy Leah. I then carefully put two of my fingers inside her, pleasuring her causing her juices to continuously flow towards my mouth.

As I stopped fingering her, she growled at me and before she can scold me. I thrust my already throbbing cock to her pussy so hard that the bed creaked.

“More, Brennan, I want it harder. Ohhhhhhh please.” Leah uttered.

Grabbing her legs, I put it on my shoulder and continued pounding her pussy with my cock. I can hear the sound created as my cock pounds her pussy mercilessly. Hmmmmmm, I know she’ll be sore tomorrow but I can’t help it.

“Don’t stop playing with your tits Leah, pinch.” I said.

“Yes, Brennan.” Leah answered as she follows my order.

“Ooohhhh Brennan, I can’t take it anymore, I’m about to come. Please don’t stop, fill me with your cum.” Leah said.

Upon hearing it, I put both of her legs down and flipped her around and continued doggy style. Ohhh, my cock is still inside her pussy. Grabbing her tits, I continued to mash it feeling her erect nipples filling my hands.

“I’m cumming Brennan, aaahhhhhhhhh.” Leah shouted.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming too, as I continued to thrust my cock inside her. I can feel her pussy clenching my cock as I produce jets of sperm inside her.

As we both finished our climax, I kissed her neck and hugged her as we sleep.