Someone better is just around the corner

Someone better is just around the corner

When meeting with a Companion, I imagine convenience would be one of the key factors. After all, who would start a search with the furthest away ladies as a main criterion?

Me! Yes, although I do not do it deliberately, I seem to see only people afar!

Initially, it was a conscious decision to escape my part of the “London village”, as that is what London seems like at times, such is my propensity to bump into people I know in the strangest of places, sometimes whilst on “active service”!

For a couple of years, I have always travelled a bit to meet a Companion, yet, by accident rather than design, only one of the ladies I saw lived locally.

Now, I know no-one in my area and I have to rely on their good grace to travel to meet. In addition, both ladies I see regularly arrange the room and have quite a journey.

It is flattering anyone would go to these lengths to meet, well, me! Believe me, I do not take this lightly and I hope they know just how much I do sincerely appreciate it!

Some ladies I have met have gone to enormous lengths to make a meeting possible, even travelling long distances without knowing me, save for a rather ropey blog, an Adultwork profile and a phone call. No, even I cannot understand why they would do it!

I am not adverse to travelling, when feasible, and I used to travel a decent distance to see one lady for a couple of years and I have had a few “Punter away days” , which always make a nice change of scene and the ladies make it more than worth the effort.

However, these can, sadly, only ever be occasional visits due to my schedule. It is frustrating in the extreme and I normally will not see someone if I cannot be sure of being able to get there regularly, but these ladies were definitely a worthwhile exception.

I know I could probably meet many ladies in the areas of London I am frequently in, but I just do not select someone at random. There has to have been a good degree of contact beforehand and I have to feel a compelling reason to meet them.

Both of the ladies I see now contacted me! This is in its self another remarkable factor for me, illustrating how much better it is to meet someone who has a genuine interest in one as a person, rather than meeting me just because I am another booking.

Anyone who does travel a distance, must take basic precautions when meeting someone they have not met before, other than the usual safety considerations, such as making confirmed booking (such as on Adultwork), take a deposit, or have the client book the room and send a copy of the confirmation.

Distance meetings can be fun and add a new dimension to the people in one’s area, yet they do carry a risk of greater cost and going somewhere unfamiliar. Still, if the reason is great enough, “there always could be Someone better is just around the corner…….!