Punter Days of wonder

Punter Days of wonder

– Just another blog about the experience of booking an escort in London…

Every single one of us will have those days when we marvel at something, as well as days when we wonder what the hell just happened!

There has been a pattern to my “Days of Wonder” over the past year or more. The scenario of my booking is this: I have a free afternoon or evening, funds in the Punting budget and a burning desire to meet some hot escort for a session of debauched fun.

I set afoot doing my research as of “olden days”. I look through TEB (topescortbook.com) and I may even put out a Reverse Booking to see what comes up.

Although I do not use agencies any more, there are a couple of upmarket ones I keep an eye on and a couple of ones for a particular passion, Oriental ladies, particularly those from Japan.

I will look through each site, looking at the ladies in the area I shall be in and draw up a list of three per agency, as per their recommended guidelines prior to calling.

Normally this will all take place a few days in advance, but it may also be the day beforehand.

The Reverse Booking bids start to roll in, usually with the same disappointing results: ladies who have not read the request properly, who cannot do the day and time stipulated, are not in the stated area or do not have an incall location. Infuriating! It is not just certain gents who do not read websites properly, ladies!

By now I am getting somewhat disillusioned and questioning what to do. There may be a few interesting respondents, so I may email them and this then reduces the field further by the lack of response, its laconic tone or by the complete lack of ability to send a simple, warm response. If one’s custom matters so little, it will not be missed.

I will review the agency lists and may either call or email. Some agencies are good at responding to both forms of contact, whilst others are woeful! Last year I emailed four agencies, how many responded? Not one! Why put an email address on your site if it is not monitored or enquiries are not acted upon? Crap service means no custom from me!

My standard email is not of the time-wasting variety, as I clearly state the day, time, duration and location I am looking at, along with the three ladies I have selected. I ask them for their recommendations too.

It is a simple fact, particularly with the prevalence of smart phones, emailing is sometimes way more convenient than calling, particularly due to the nature of enqury where discretion is everything. I will then call to book, but I like to check out their service first. Where it is so woeful, I discount them instantly and indefinitely.

Based on my limited experience of agencies in recent years, I am none too impressed! Maybe it is because of my background in service industries, but treating customers with contempt will be the death knell of many agencies in due course.

My Reverse Bookings have not been overwhelming in their responses, my agency experiences have not been amazing, so I may contact a few ladies directly from my hot list, but, yet again, the response may be poor.

At the end of the day, in the vast majority of cases in recent times when I could have seen someone on an ad hoc, possibly last minute basis, what has happened? I end up seeing no-one! Why?

Quite simply because I do not see just anyone; it has to feel right and it has to promise an experience. Otherwise, it is just carnal and it does not appeal.

Equally, there have been occasions where I have had every opportunity of seeing someone but I did nothing. Why? In these cases it is simple: I knew I would end up on some time-consuming trawl as I outlined above, possibly with no results to show for it.

Today, whilst I am sat in a bar in the City writing this, I should have been in a meeting. The same scenario arose: accrued flexi-time meant a day off with a few days’ notice.

Yet again, I commenced the same approach but nothing. It would be disingenuous to say I did not find any ladies who caught my eye. I did and it would be grossly unfair to intimate most ladies do not measure up to what I am looking for.

The truth is, even though I do seek a very specific type of lady and experience, there are plenty of charming ladies out there who I could visit. Whilst some searches are fruitless, there is an equal or greater proportion where I just do not fancy meeting someone new.

There are other posts which look at some of the reasons behind this in more detail, but, in short, I guess I am only happy with those I know very well and I feel uncomfortable meeting a lady without a clear feeling of both of us approaching the booking in the same manner and both seeking a similar experience.

I know this is a failing on my part and I am probably an atypical Punter in this respect, but hey! That’s me! There is no standard pro forma for gents and the Punters’ Manual is yet to materialise; we are just all different.

I do sometimes feel I should just throw caution to the wind and go and meet more ladies for a one-off, yet bad experiences have taught me the value in seeing only a few ladies. Just choosing almost at random feels to me like a Punter form of roulette and I am not about spin the wheel, place my bet and hope it comes out on red or black.

I do also concede, as I covered in a blog, “Basket of eggs” , there is one definite and large flaw in my approach: with only a small circle, if a lady leaves or things turn sour, there is suddenly a feeling of emptiness or being forlorn.

So, another wasted afternoon in Punting terms, if indeed, sitting here writing my thoughts out for you is a wasted opportunity! It does concern me and I think deep down I know where I am going with my Punting, but that may be something I cogitate over the next pint.

In the meantime, I will nibble some more on the McCoys and consider this “Day of Wonder”, wondering what went “wrong” this time.