Masterly subservient

Masterly subservient

I wonder who else has a meeting, every now and then, which just leaves you both in fits?

I saw one lady a while back and although we have met a few times and we have always enjoyed a good laugh, I think Nitrous oxide must have been circulating in the air con on the day in question!
It was just a really funny meeting from start to finish! Damn good fun too, but also very funny.

During one moment, the lady and I were talking about who we like to take the lead and she asked me if I ever like to dominate? Without thinking, I replied “Of course, but I am masterly subservient!”.

Where this came from I know not and we laughed at this paradox and oxymoron. On reflection though, maybe my companion was laughing more at the moron who said it?!
We did then explore how this would work: Trying to dominate whilst being overly obedient.

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It may be a strange quirk, but we may also have created a whole new genre! “Master seeks slave to be dominated by”! It has all of the hallmarks of a tail wagging the dog or “Master wants to be your bitch”!

A masterly subservient Dom could also be terribly polite: “do this when I tell you to do it, slave! That is if you really don’t mind? Or unless you have anything else you’d rather do”.

Sometimes things just come out of the blue and the meeting takes in its own life form and this was one such occasion. It just permeated the whole booking and even in emails afterwards.

I think we were both rather knocked off course by this strange creation from the darker recesses of my little dark room in the mind, as we just could not work it out.

I am sure this poor lady, whilst firstly reflecting on the wisdom of accepting my booking, must have been left with a sore head afterwards. I like to leave an impression, but not in a way that screws with the grey matter! Apologies to this lady for having done so!

See! There I go again, being all masterly and subservient.

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