Canine petit dejeuner

Canine petit dejeuner


Why do women wear make up? This is part rhetorical and part enquiring.

Of course, I imagine there are many reasons why a lady will wear make up, but in essence, the second part of my question is “do they do it for themselves or for others?”.

The reason I ask this is not to open a can of worms or to delve into the deeper issues, more as an outsider’s view, i.e. that of a man!

One issue I do have concern over, which is what my questions were leading toward, is when ladies feel the must wear make up for men to find them “attractive” rather than through their own desire.

I believe a lady should do whatever SHE desires to feel good, confident or even sexy, but I do not believe a lady should do it if she feels she is only doing it for others or she has to look a certain way ladies make upto be accepted.

I have no idea what other men like or find attractive, so for my extensive research for this article, as indeed with most of my posts, the only opinion I have to go on is my own.

I find carefully and discreetly applied make up can enhance a lady’s natural features and beauty and it can look beautiful. However, and here is my bug bear, too much or the wrong shades or poorly applied make up can make a lady look nothing short of the proverbial dog’s breakfast!

Of course, this is my taste and if a lady looks too made up and does not appeal to me, it is not to say it is wrong or that she would not be attractive to anyone.

Naturally I accept it can also come down to peer pressure and what is perceived as being expected and I acknowledge it is easy for guys, as we have none of this array of make up choices to contend with all we have to do is to get up, wash and go, well, in most cases!

“Don’t you know that it’s different for girls”

From my years of observation, forming my opinion, I can see firstly choosing the correct make up and tones and then applying it well are nothing short of an art form. Some do it well, with consummate easy, whilst others do not.

I dare say there are plenty who think they look good, but have never sought either outside opinion or professional advice. In some cases I have observed, their make up can almost look comical to the point of looking like a circus escapee. Again, my opinion only.

Of course all of this comes down to personal choices and preferences. My personal preference is, as already stated, for modest, understated choices. However, I believe the greatest beauty is what lies beneath the make up, their natural beauty and their inner beauty of their personality. For some ladies, no amount of make up will cover a corrosive or abrasive personality, whilst others radiate with charm from the inside outwards.

The ladies I know best and, indeed, find the most attractive hardly wear any make up and they are stunning! But, then again, I am biased!