Booking An Escort: Do not put all your eggs in One Basket

Booking An Escort: Do not put all your eggs in One Basket

What is the one drawback of putting all of your eggs in one basket? Obvious answer, isn’t it? Therefore, is there not an argument to say there is a fundamental flaw in my modus operandi of seeing very few people, as I have done for a couple of years now?

I know many gents like to do things this way and prefer to see either one or at least very few favored companions. However, the drawback of this comes when someone ceases to escort or if there is a falling out.

What do you do? I am sure I am not alone in regarding my Companions as ladies for whom I have the highest regard and most certainly not someone I can just seek to replace by just simply going out to see someone new.

Firstly, it takes time to find someone with whom I may relate. Then, if we do click at all, it takes many meetings to build up a degree of trust and to develop a level of mutual awareness such as was enjoyed with the previous Companion.

But everyone is an individual and experiences vary. Ladies have different likes and dislikes, so it is impossible and, in my opinion, wrong to seek an exact carbon copy of whatever experience one has previously enjoyed with a favourite Companion.

I have often said how many of the relationships we enjoy, even the seemingly more long-term ones can be of a somewhat transient nature and one needs to cherish each meeting, as there are no guarantees in the industry whatsoever.

Things are in a constant state of flux: ladies leave, ladies join and sooner or later, I imagine, every gent will experience a lady leaving the scene and will have to face the scenario I have outlined at some stage or other, quite possibly repeatedly. Therefore, a bit of forethought can alleviate much of the stress of it and disappointment it brings, whilst in addition to make one more appreciative of every meeting one has in the interim.

Hoping it won’t happen is living in a state of denial, almost like hoping the tide won’t ebb and flow. it happens and it is going to happen.

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Sometimes breaks will be short-term due to holiday, mismatching of schedules, illness, hospitalisation or any one of a number of reasons. Other times it may be more long-term and then there will be the occasions when it is permanent.

“What if” scenario

Something I learned a long time ago is it pays to have a “what if” strategy in place for as many of the important issues one has and to cover as many eventualities as is possible. Of course you cannot ever cover every base and most will never happen, but the times things do, it pays off and its greatest dividend is in alleviating some of the inevitable angst it causes.

I have not always thought through the “what ifs” of no longer seeing a particular lady and it has been difficult then when things have come to an end. Sometimes it is unforeseen and can be an abrupt ending. However, there have been occasions where I just have not wanted to consider the inevitable when the writing had been there for all to see, or if it were just a possibility. Now, I try to think what I would do with each lady I know. Often it will depend on the circumstances, but I do try to at least consider what my response would be to no longer being able to see a lady with whom I have enjoyed many a wonderful meeting.

As I said earlier, one cannot plan for every eventuality and one does not wish to spend so much time obsessing about every possibility to the point of becoming paranoid. However, a little forethought can soften the blow of some of the inevitabilities in life and with punting. After all, the only guarantees in life are death, taxes and change.