What makes a High Class Escort?

There are lots of London escort services that offer clients sophisticated escorts who are personable and display impeccable manners. Most of us think that all escorts are alike, whereas they really have sets of qualities that make them distinct. There are major differences between the regular escorts and high class escorts which could only be differentiated by those regular clients and long-time workers within the said industry.
On a lighter note, these two beautiful groups of modern-day temptresses make life meaningful because of their fun-loving and outgoing attitude. Thanks to London escort services , we are presented with natural beauty and glamour to take away the stresses induced by our busy society.
highclass escortsSo what do high class London escorts look like and how do they act around people? Let’s look at the basics:
Individual Aspects:

A. Physical Appearance
– Good-structured facial features
– Smooth, clear and supple skin
– Has a model-like body figure
– Hygienic and conscious about the cleanliness of her toe nails, fingernails and her hair
– No visible scars, body art / tattoos and piercings
– Owns beautiful and high quality clothes that allow her to dress up accordingly for every even or occasion
B. Attitude
– Naturally happy and fun-loving
– Friendly, confident, and transparent
– Is charming and her presence is always pleasant
– Her main objective is to please and satisfy
– Loves sex and intimacy
C. Educational Attainment
– Is a good conversationalist
– Is knowledgeable in the arts, literature, music, philosophy, etc
– Can speak English fluently and knows one or more other languages
D. Principles in life
– Is hard-working and ambitious. She will not stop until she reaches her goals
– Stands by her word
– Loves herself and therefore radiating a pleasant aura that consequently attracts others
– She is very discrete and makes it a point to live by this principle at all times
E. Personal background
– She is within the 18-35 age bracket
– She desires of being an escort regardless of her being experienced or inexperienced on this field
F. Motivation
– Is magnetized to success and power
– Thinks that elite and hard-working men are attractive
– Is always open to new ideas and anticipates lingering experiences

The Job:
A. Basic rates and booking hours
– Standard rates range from 110-350 per hour
– A minimum of 2 hours
B. Profile information on website
– The on-site information is more detailed and highly constructed. The description mainly focuses on personality and behavior of the escort and is written in an alluring manner.
– Pictures are professionally taken and are of high quality; although faces are deliberately blurred for discretion purposes
C. Barriers
High class escorts make sure that every client receives an unforgettable girlfriend experience – one that he will never forget. Sexual intimacy and pleasurable affection are included in the deal.

Now that you have pieces of information about how these high-class girls act and carry themselves, you’re probably asking yourself this question: “To book, or not to book?” Give yourself a break. You deserve something worth remembering. Life is short my friend. Discrete booking is just a few clicks away.