What is a Girlfriend Experience?

What is a Girlfriend Experience?

girlfriend experience

A gentleman called me earlier in the week and asked me what the Girlfriend Experience is. Unfortunately, I was standing in a store with a very conservative lady standing nearby and was unable to speak at the time. I have therefore written this on behalf of the poor gentleman who did not get his explanation on the telephone.

Before I commence with my personal interpretation, I would like to point out that there are many varied opinions of what this is. In order to remain objective, I have first included the description by Wikipedia who are unfortunately the only recognised opinion on the subject that I could source on the internet.

The “Girlfriend Experience” generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers; it varies widely from person to person, however. There is a focus on not just having sex, but also having more of a comprehensive Experience.[3]

Often sessions last longer and are “no rush,” which means the call girl spends the full advertised time rather than rushing out after the sex is over. Common activities usually offered by GFE escorts include kissing and/or french kissing, cuddling and foreplay.

A call girl advertising the provision of a “Girlfriend Experience” is implying that she provides deep french kissing (DFK), “full service” (intercourse) usually with protection, and fellatio and cunnilingus, both with or without protection. Advertising a “Girlfriend Experience” is sometimes used by call girls to promote business.

A stripper may also provide a limited GFE to a customer with conversation, cuddling, and touching in a strip club environment. Less frequently a full-service GFE including sex acts is available through use of a VIP area on the club premises separate from the main floor. These sex acts are referred to as “extras”. Time for these spaces is often purchased in half hour increments much like incall and outcall for escorts. Outside of a club the stripper would then be considered an escort if paid for the time.


Just in case I lack objectivity from the male perspective, I have included a link to Capital Punters blog who relays his interpretation from the standpoint of a hobbyist. https://www.cloud9londonescorts.com/gfe-pse/

To me, the full Girlfriend Experience is an unrushed, enjoyable, fun, relaxing time that is much like a real date with a sincere, uninhibited woman who enjoys the Experience. There is an emotional and intellectual connection and the outcome depends on chemistry, personality and mutual expectations.

I’m not particularly keen on Wikipedia’s explanation as I feel it is too technical and does not truly convey the connection or the intimacy of deep French kissing. I also do not particularly enjoy the term extra’s because I do an all-encompassing Girlfriend Experience and feel very uncomfortable in an appointment when I am stopped to discuss extra’s. It detracts from the moment and the spontaneity of the Experience. For me the encounter must flow, feel natural and not be planned. If there are key requirements to the appointment, these should be mutually agreed upon in advance. The minute you try to intellectualise something instinctive, the moment is ruined. Reducing the Girlfriend Experience to terms and classifications diminishes the whole Experience.

If two people are able to connect and find common ground. The Girlfriend Experience definition above is not sufficient to describe the event. How do you put moments of intimacy and passion into a specification? Sensuality, chemistry and trust cannot be rated, measured or defined. As an example, one cannot say that Girlfriend Experience includes philosophical debates whilst sipping champagne out of each other’s navels, yet these sorts of things can happen. If it pleases those two parties in that moment…. That is all that matters.

Chemistry changes from person to person, sometimes there is a pure physical attraction and the two people are not in the mood for conversation, sometimes Girlfriend Experience turns into Porn star Experience. Sometimes a man will walk into the room that you instantly feel that you know and you will have sex like long lost lovers. Sometimes there is a more intellectual connection and you are so interested in each other’s opinions you cannot stop talking.

I have noted in Europe there is a trend now where true GFE’s are describing themselves as The Real Lover Experience which I suppose makes more sense. Some of my clients have been with me for such a long time that I refer to myself as the Mistress Experience because in a way, I really am their lover. Some people are happy with that sort of intimacy and others not that is why I generally stick to the term Girlfriend Experience to avoid confusion.

My conclusion, Girlfriend Experience is very much open to interpretation and relies heavily on the bond that the two parties are able to forge in a limited period of time. Therefore the most critical thing to having a successful Girlfriend Experience is to seek out somebody that resonates with you. That is the reason why a picture will never suffice in making a selection, because there are other elements affecting the outcome such as personality, sex drive, other relationships in play, intellectual capacity, common interest and much more. One cannot simply isolate a certain ingredient and attempt to describe it; Girlfriend Experience is an entire recipe that ensures both parties have an enjoyable time.

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