Vive la difference!

Vive la difference!

One thing I have learned over my years as a punter, most ladies work in a similar way but everyone has their own preferred methods, such as time and method of reconfirming and arrival arrangements.

There are so many similarities yet so many differences!

I believe it is important for us gents to respect each lady’s personal preferences and to fit into her method, rather than expecting every lady to know and adopt our preferred way of doing things.

Before meeting for the first time

The vast majority of ladies like to speak on the phone before the first meeting, whereas a few do not feel it necessary.

If the booking has been made in advance, some ladies prefer an email or text a day or so beforehand to reconfirm everything is still fine.

On the day of the meeting, some ladies prefer a text or call by a certain time to reconfirm the meeting is going ahead. Others do not like any communication too early in the day.

Some ladies will email or text the address in advance, whilst others ask clients to phone from a designated point at the time of the meeting, either for their own security or for the sake of discretion.

So many similarities yet so many differences!

My own preferences

Much as I am happy to accede to preferences of a lady, I do still have my own preferred way of handling bookings.

I do tend to book quite far in advance and I am happy to chat on the phone beforehand. In fact, I dislike it when I cannot. I find by at least saying hello, it gives one the opportunity to break the ice and establish a rapport, but also to obtain a good feeling for what the lady is really like.

I am happy to send an email confirmation a day or two in advance, subject to time limitations due to work or travelling, and I am happy to call or text a confirmation first thing in the morning on the day of meeting, although I have found my “first thing” is definitely much earlier than some ladies’!

I am a serial planner, so I prefer to have the address in advance, or at least an indication of the post code. This means I can look up the area and the transport connections so I can judge how long the journey will require, as well as the availability of shops in the area for those last minute items I may wish to take with me, or local coffee shops where I may pass the final half an hour before the meeting.

I am quite ok with confirming at the agreed time or from a pre-arranged place, on one condition: the lady actual answers and I am not left standing there for any length of time, looking like a complete lemon and looking very dubious!

During the meeting

It never ceases to amaze me just how similar many ladies like to operate once one has walked through the door.

The common process that escort handle customers: There are set protocols for handing over one’s donation promptly, and then many ladies like to have a chat first, then for the gent to freshen up and finally to seek more horizontal pastures. There are many similar aspects to each of these stages, which regular Punters will recognise without the necessity for me to spell them out.

Vive la difference escorts

Ultimately, I am more than happy to follow any reasonable request a lady has, least of all as she may have a very good reason for doing so, such as over curious neighbours, something us gents will not know about.

The arrangement and execution of most meetings follow a set protocol and this is reassuring in a way to the regular punter. However, for all of the similarities, there are also so many differences!