The UK and USA compared: The view of a US Hobbyist

The UK and USA compared: The view of a US Hobbyist

For this post, I thought it most useful for this UK audience to comment on the differences between seeing escorts in the States as opposed to seeing them overseas — London in particular. I have seen one lovely escort in London, so I have a limited random sample with which to compare my five years of seeing escorts in the States. So here goes:

Punting/hobbying is a crime in the States, but perfectly legal in the UK

There was a peace of mind I enjoyed as I was making my way to the Earl’s Court neighborhood last fall to see a special lady. No worries over walking into a law enforcement (LE) trap. No worries over a possible arrest marring my real world life. I love seeing escorts, but the clandestine nature of it all sometimes gets a bit wearying. That clandestine nature owes itself to many factors, not least the social notoriety, but getting arrested tends to focus one’s mine. How refreshing, then, to be able to agree to see a lady where the fact that we are going to have sex is an open fact and neither of us have to disguise it through such euphemisms as “I am only paying for her time and companionship” or “My payment is not in exchange for any sexual services.”

The UK and USA Escort industry compared

That said, I don’t worry too much over the LE issue in the States either. Vice squads focus
their limited time and resources on 1) streetwalkers – those ladies who advertise their wares at the closest red light and 2) large agencies, where a bust can yield multiple arrests and indictments on money trafficking. Since I almost exclusively see high-end luxury independent ladies — the type of women who escort on the side as a supplement to their real world jobs and largely operate out of four star and five star hotels — I have never encountered any LE concerns. That said, it’s nice to see an escort in a country where LE concerns are not a consideration at all.

Which Means UK Escorts are More Open About What Their Services Can Include

Despite the wide prevalence of reviews, it is still often a guessing game when you see an escort in the States. You are not quite sure if she will offer a full GFE session, if deep French kissing will be on the menu, and other various acts and positions will be available.
This is likely due to many reasons, but I can’t help but assume that ladies are being smart and not openly advertising explicit services because they do not want to provide an easy roadmap for a future prosecutor to employ. As I scan the ads of UK-based
providers, I see a greater willingness on their part to describe what it is they are open to engaging. That type of honesty is refreshing, and it makes it easier for me to choose an escort who will meet my expectations.

But The Similarities Greatly Outnumber any Differences

Despite all this, I have been struck by how similar the escort scenes in the U.S. and the UK really are. You have your escort review boards; we have ours (The Erotic Review is the largest and most popular American version. ( Many ladies in the U.S. like to affiliate themselves with agencies, in part to divorce themselves from administrative and scheduling hassles; others prefer to control their business directly and feature themselves as independent ladies. Same holds true in the UK, as best I can see. Finally, you have the same divide here as in the UK in terms of ladies who offer a straight-up exchange of sexual services vs. those ladies who seek to create a more personal, more intimate “GFE” session. All in all, we really are not all that different!

I will be visiting London on a business trip in mid-June. If there are any lovely London-based oriental escorts who provide a genuine GFE rendezvous and love to kiss, please, by all means, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m looking for some naughty adventures to spice up my otherwise boring business meetings ….