Truth about Escorts

In this section Top Escort Book will talk about somthing true about Escorts, which girls may not tell you. I’ll talk about why escort girls are late and how long to wait for them. I’ll explain a little about advertising and why escort girls aren’t lying when they say the fee goes to pay for it. I’ll talk about the fact that the escort girls may be a little pushy, but they have more to risk. Finally, I’ll explain why sometimes the girl you call out from the picture is not the girl that shows up.

1 escort girls are never on time

I know, this seems pretty obvious, but when it comes to escorts, it’s twice as bad.
Generally you’re going to hear on the phone that the girl will be there within the hour. This is just a general time that everyone gets told… it really depends on what the girl is doing and if she’s ready to go when you call.
Agencies usually get escort girls to their appointment quicker then independents because the agency has someone hounding the girl to get to the call. Independents are usually more flakey.
I would say if the girl isn’t there in an hour then call the girl or agency and see what’s going on. They’re still going to lie to you on the phone about when she’s going to be there, but at least you’ll know she’s still coming.
Oh, and if someone says they’ll get there in 30 minutes or less its usually bullshit, just advertising gimmick to get you to book the call.

2 Not an exact science
Calling out a girl is not like calling for a pizza. You have to be a little flexible when you call out a girl.
Every girl and every agency is different. There are no regulations in this business. Prices are different. What escort girls look like are different. Unfortunately, calling out a girl can be a crap shoot sometimes.
The best advice I can give is to find a girl or agency you like and try to stick with them. I know this isn’t possible if you travel a lot but that’s the way it works.
When you call a girl, you should go into it with the mindset that things don’t always work out the way things are planned.

3 Money does go to advertising
Let’s talk about the business a little here. Like any other business, there needs to be advertising. I mean, you found the number to call somewhere…
Advertising for adult business is much more expensive than regular advertising. The weekly papers are especially expensive.
On a side note, it’s really hypocritical how these papers will write articles against prostitution, but they’ll take the advertising from them…and not only that, they charge adult advertisers more than twice the price for the same add space, it’s really pretty bad. It’s like a politician that calls out an escort but preaches against it… anyway, I digress.
The reason I’m bringing this up is because a lot of times escort girls are asked what the fee is for and guys don’t understand why they have to tip… well, when the girl says the fee covers advertising, she is not lying.
Obviously, the whole fee doesn’t go to advertising (it is a business; there is profit for the agency built into it) but a lot of it does. Just remember that these escort girls are not lying to you when they say that it goes to advertising… even the independent escort girls have to advertise.

4 escort girls have more to risk
You may feel like you’re doing something against the law and you may be nervous when you call out a girl, but these escort girls are risking a lot more then you are.
If you’re calling out a girl to a hotel your risk involves picking the right girl. You have virtually no risk of getting arrested.
The escort girls, on the other hand, risk being arrested every time they go on a call. Until the girl is comfortable that you are not a police officer, they are going to be very suspicious.
When they get there and start asking personal questions, everything they ask you is to find out if you’re a police officer. They don’t really care where you’re from or what you do. How you answer those questions and what you say gives them clues if you’re a police officer or not. Just remember that the risk is the girl’s until she knows that you are not a police officer.

5 Pictures are usually not the girl
This isn’t always true…but a lot of times it is.
Web sites that advertise escorts are in business to sell as much advertising as possible. Some sites try to verify pictures.
When I advertised, I had to copy the girl’s ID and send in a picture with the girl holding a sign to prove it was her. This would suggest that the escort girls in the picture are real. escort girls in this business quit or change agencies often, though. When this happens, the pictures usually stay up… after all, it’s advertising and that’s how this business works.
There are also escort services that will hire escort girls who don’t actually work for them just to use their pictures in their advertisements.
It’s also a possibility that the girl in the picture does work for them, but it might be her night off… the operator will almost always say that the girl in the picture is working and then send a girl that looks like her to you (if it’s a reputable agency). This seems like a shitty thing to do, but these agencies almost have to because everyone else does it.
An agency would go out of business pretty quickly if they were honest about sending real escort girls. It’s sad but they would lose a lot of calls because of the bad agencies that say anything to book a call

The bottom line is, if the escort girl that comes to your door looks good, and you feel comfortable about everything else, let her in.