Top Countries of Escorts

Top Countries of Escorts

There is no need to visit all the countries in order to find captivating information about the importance of escorts’ service among different countries of the world. It is enough to use a sexual geographical map to learn about the best and the worst countries for the development of escorts’ services.

Escort in Sweden

Sweden is the country which has gained the so-called status of Mecca for group sex and it is also a ‘motherland’ of bisexual escorts. A greater number of popularity of Sweden recognizes themselves as bisexual. It is interesting to know that blonde escorts are almost all bisexual. However before making this serious statement it is necessary to define a number of brunette escorts in this golden-haired and fair skin country.


Escort in France

Group sex also unites all the French people. Almost 50 per cent of native speakers of the ‘country of love’ took part in intimate orgies and approximately 30 percent of couples exchange their sexual partners. French escorts enjoy doing 69 more than other escort girls. Besides, France can boast of the biggest nudist resort in the world.

Escort in Japan

Japan is the country of Geishas. These women have a lot of skills of intimate relationships with men they are respected and longed for by lots of men in the world. Their experience is widely used by most escorts. Japan is the country of the most numerous sexual parties. About five hundred people took part in it.

Escort in Brazil

Latin escorts are the most passionate and sensual females. Brazil is the country where people enjoy intimate relationships ever and ever. Latin escorts are untiring intimate partners.

Escort in New Zealand and Australia

Man and women of these countries change their partners very often so the popularity of escorts’ services is more than just high. According to a recent research Australian men succeed in having intimate relationships with about 30 women during their life.

Escort in Germany

It turned out that Germany is the country of the worst male lovers in the world. And the reason for it is on the one hand ridiculous but on the other – quite justified. Escort ladies complain that German males are too odorous. And their ordor is not very pleasant for sophisticated little female noses. It is hardly possible to make any further comments.

Escort in Thailand

Intimate escort services in Thailand are not as long as in Brazil. Thai men and women are very quick for all the soft nothings. They learned to get pleasure without spending much time on intimacy.

Escort in UK

According to British social research country, United Kingdom is much ahead of all the other countries in the number of intimate desires. Moreover this concentration of desiring people is especially strong on certain cities of UK. For example, London is known as an international place for adult intimate games. There is also a great number of escorts with whom you can start a passionate holiday romance.