Tips: How You Can Have A Good Time With An Escort

Tips: How You Can Have A Good Time With An Escort

Do you know how to find an escort in London and ensure a good time with your escort ? Please read carefully and practice in your booking, I’m sure you will be benefit if you follow the right rules.

How You Can Have A Good Time With An Escort

While you may be paying for a Girlfriend experience, it doesn’t mean you should treat them like a sex slave. Your escort is still a human, and they are female so you should pay them some respect. You want to create an air of intimacy as if you were trying to woo her into your life. Break the ice by ensuring she feels good about who she is and what you’d like.  Reverse psychology will also work here. If you play your cards right, you will be greatly rewarded for it. She’ll do what she can to make you happy.

the girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience from  The Girlfriend Experience (TV series)

How To Ensure Your Escort Is Happy Right From The Start

  • Make sure you’re polite – opening doors, pulling out chair or taking off her jacket.
  • Have an open mind about the whole process. Don’t have any expectations because they can’t read your mind
  • Be friendly toward her.
  • Share some jokes and laughs to ensure a relaxed setting. She’s not your friend, but she could become one after the night is over.
  • If you’re from another location and want an escort, you should learn some nice words or sentences in her language. She’s bound to appreciate you for the effort.
  • Ask her if she’d like a drink
  • Consider showing her some pictures from where you’re from – the idea is to relax the atmosphere.
  • Give her compliments
  • Let her know that you enjoyed her service and would love to meet with her again.
  • Let the escort know what you’d like but don’t be demanding about it.