Most Famous Escort in History

When we talk about escort, what we are talking about? Escort servicing has always been an indispensable part of any civilization including that of the Greeks. Adding to that is the mention of one of the most famous harlots of all time, Aspasia, on several Greek literary works including that of Plato’s.

According to records, Aspasia was closely linked to the famous Pericles, who is an influential personality during the Golden Age of Greece. They had a son named Pericles the Younger. Although some question the validity of this statement and claim that it is just an act of vilifying the name of Pericles, others suggest that the two were even married.

Aspasia apparently had a good education indicating that she came from a well to do family. Her acquaintance with Pericles is attributed to the latter’s involvement to her brother in law’s household which she belonged to when she first came to Athens.

According to historians, Aspasia became a hetaera and brothel keeper. Hetaeras are highly conceived entertainers because of their acquired education, obligation for tax paying as well as independence. Women of this status are closely associated to liberated women. Because of this standing Aspasia was able to publicly participate among regarded individuals. During this time she first became the mistress of Pericles and eventually bore him a child after he divorced his first wife. Aside from her unmistakably regal beauty, her intellect attracted both men and their wives as they bring them to her for sensible conversations and advise.

Consequently the rise and fall of Athens during her relationship with Pericles was majorly attributed to her. Several documents indicate that the Athenians strongly perceive Aspasia as a strong political influence to Pericles and that much of his decisions were made in haste to console his lover. After his death, Aspasia became involved with another Athenian general and also bore him a son. Her death was not certain though.