How to Getting Out of the Industry

Stopping escorting, how to retire and should I delete records?

Many escorts have an exit plan even before they start working in the industry, and some have decided on a plan along the way. We all have different reasons for working in the industry, and it is a good idea to consider your future in the business as well as when and how you retire from it. Going from a potentially high hourly rate of pay to a lower one does take some getting used to. Many sex workers use their high income to fund courses for career changes, buy property and invest in other businesses.
By doing this kind of thing they are thinking about and investing in their future after Escorting. Worried about gaps in your CV? Do some volunteer work, you can use this for references as well as learning new skills. You could have taken some time out to be a mature student, or to look after a sick relative.

How to disappear and quit

The following advice has been given by a Gentleman who is experienced as a client of sex workers and also a retired solicitor. It is in response to a question on a forum from an Escort who was retiring and wanted to know how to delete her records. This information will be useful to any Escort who is considering retiring or has retired and has been posted with his full permission.

I think that any Escort who has retired or thinking about retiring should consider seriously about her online records/trace. Until
being a whore is seen as being similar to being a dentist or a veterinarian, with no shame or embarrassment attaching to being, or having been “on the game”, the majority of current and retired WGs most certainly need to take care that their “little secret” remains just that.

Your safety, privacy & security come first, second and third. Speaking as a punter, I have to say that the security of your new life in civvy street, comes ahead of clients’ data security.

I’m not tecchie enough to tell you everything about how to cover your tracks, and I spent most of a morning reading through the story of Rafik Hariri’s assassination, and how the four accused were tracked through four million telephone call records! It can be done, but it costs! I am a solicitor (retired) and for a couple of years during the cold war, probably before you were born, I was responsible for a registry of COSMIC, Top Secret, Atomic & Atomal documents, so I have some experience of guarding and keeping secrets.


Whether you’ve been paying Income Tax & NI is your affair, but either way, HMRC are allowed to suddenly arrive on your door step and go back six years, without giving any reason, and then, if they smell fraud, another six years before that! If you’ve been grinding through a Self Assessment Return yourself, or having your accountant do it for you, then I think that you need to keep enough records to be able to persuade them that your returns were straight, for six years after you retire. If, on the other hand you weren’t paying tax, for whatever reason, you’ll be safer if you keep them for the full twelve years!

Emails & Email Account

I don’t know whether Google / Hotmail / Yahoo kill an e-mail account if it is silent for, say, six months? Most of your clients, I assume, will be happy if you, and your little black book simply cease to exist, but statistically, there have to be a couple who may turn nasty. I think that if I were in your shoes, I’d download everything in some way to a DVD (and make at least three copies of said DVD), and stash
each in a sealed envelope in a different, locked, safe, place.

I assume that if you were good at your trade you did make cryptic notes about your clients, and logged their telephone numbers? (If you didn’t, I think that was a mistake.) Again, however you do it, knowledge IS power, download everything onto the DVDs. I suggest this not for blackmail, or for kiss’n tell, but as potential self-defence.

Once done, I think I’d delete all the saved e-mails on your g-mail accounts, but keep them open, sending the odd banal “Hope this finds you as it leaves me” message from each to t’other (but NOT from your new, straight “Mary-Anne” e-mail) just to keep the addresses open, so that they cannot be highjacked by any imposter, and I’d log on to them monthly from a public library, or internet cafe just to see if you are being stalked.

ISPs are obliged to cache everything for a fixed period, which, I think, is currently six months, but the UK’s secret police wants it extended to a year. Once that period is up, then the material is deleted for ever, so, I’d reckon that after I’d deleted an e-mail from both in-box and sent mail, a year later, it couldn’t be raised up from the dead!


You have a working lap-top, I assume? Probably you are not important enough to be worth the hassle, but be aware that you can NEVER be confident that a hard-drive has been cleaned. There is certainly software that comes quite close, but if it is vital to read a wiped hard drive a Government can do it. Lap-top hard drives are cheap, but cheap! Just so long as you have a CD that allows you to reinstall windows (or maybe you are an Apple lady?), the only way to be 100% sure that a hard drive is safe is to replace it with a new one, and then “erase” the old one with a sledge hammer. Basic, but true!


Did you run a web-site, or web-sites, or did you simply use Adultwork? There are those that do not like AW, or aspects of it, but, so far
as I know, they play absolutely straight on retirement. Your whole account will be deleted, although feed-back that you have given remains, albeit anonymised.

If you set up your own web-site (Moonfruit or similar), you should be able to log in, and go through each page deleting each file or
bit of the page. I’d suggest that you don’t delete the front page immediately, but amend it to show a simple friendly farewell message in the style of “So long and thanks for all the fish”! To all who I have met as “SexySandy” (or whoever) thank-you and good bye – I’ve hung up my fish-nets for ever and retired. This might stop normal punters searching for you! After three months or so, delete even this.

If you had a contractor set-up and maintain a web-site for you, just stopping paying may close the site, but it doesn’t wipe your data.
(For those starting out, who might read this, it would be good for your peace of mind to check with any firms that you approach that they will, when you end the contract in accordance with its terms, delete everything absolutely.) Contact the contractor, pay the fee for the notice period (a month, or perhaps a quarter – read the contract, or the T&C on their web-site) and ask for complete deletion, and get at least an e-mail confirming that this has been done.

Field Reports

Were any FRs (Field Reports) written in respect of your services, by clients? Punternet will, immediately delete all FRs, on request by the lady in question. I think that Punterlink takes the same approach. Captain69 is not as easy, I gather, but most certainly ask. As to the American TER I have no idea! Anyway, go to each site where, to your knowledge you have FRs, and look around for a button to contact Administrators, and then simply inform them that you are retiring permanently with immediate effect and ask, civilly that all FRs and other data about you be deleted.


Photographs, obviously, most particularly full face ones could come back to haunt you. If you have ever posted photographs on your own web-site, or on AW, they can, mostly, be lifted either as a souvenir by a satisfied punter, or by the operator of any number of “directory sites”. Tracking these down, and getting them deleted is not always easy, particularly because you most probably do not own the copyright in your photographs. (Again, for those either starting in business, or simply getting updated photographs, I am sure that it would be very much in your own interest to get the copyright to your own photographs. Whatever your charming photographer, whether pro, amateur or boyfriend says, the copyright belongs to the photographer unless and until he assigns it in writing. After the shoot, get a list of all image files, on a paper which includes words to the effect of “I, Richard Roe, assign irrevocably all my rights to the digital photographs taken 13April2012 and edited versions of the same, listed below to SexySusy4U”) If you had any escort photographs taken, and you think that the photographer may still have copies, contact him or her and ask for the copyright to be assigned to you in writing – if you are dealing with a pro, he will probably ask for money, which, unless he is greedy, is perfectly fair. Assuming that he agrees, get him to confirm that he has deleted all his back-up copies. If he refuses, or asks for more than you can afford, I think you have a problem, because he OWNS the copyright. Look at his T&C for what he says he will and won’t do with your photographs. My great fear would be that at the end of his career he publishes a coffee-table book of his best erotic photographs! That looks just granny in her wedding photograph doesn’t it! is a “reverse search engine”! Now we both know! Take one of your most enticing photographs and feed it into tineye. Please God, it comes back blank, but the program may find that your picture is being used on the web somewhere. If it does, then you need to e-mail who or whatever is using your photograph, politely asking for the image to be taken down, but saying that if they refuse, you will have to contact their ISP or whatever internet “thing” is upstream of them.

You had, I hope, a pay as you go mobile telephone used only for punting? (Perhaps more than one?) Remember that each handset has its own internal serial number, its IMEI. That is sent every time the telephone makes a call, as well as the telephone number being used by the SIM card fitted into the hand-set. You’ll obviously destroy the SIM card(s), probably in a shredder, or on the fire. But the handsets remain. It would take an intelligence agency or the police to get a warrant to require the telephone companies to reveal where the handset was each time it is used, and where it is now, with its new, clean, respectable number. To be absolutely safe smash the handset! Traditionally all WGs have bishops, judges and MPs among their clients. They probably won’t excite the secret police, but if any of your clients were (or might have been) diplomats, generals or ministers, or, indeed, spies, it’d probably be sensible paranoia to smash the handset(s) with a sledge hammer, or a large stone.

If you think that I can be of any other help to you please email the Escort Buddy site and they will forward the email to me. I might not be the answer to every maiden’s prayer, and I might, simply, not know! Meanwhile, I hope this has been of some use to you – be very careful for six months, careful for another year, and then forget it all!

Richard Roe