How to ensure your own safety when meet an escort

How to ensure your own safety when meet an escort

First thing before you book an escort is make sure: NEVER FIND an escort on Backpage or craigslist – those free/paid platforms are full of cheaters and spams.

What To Be Mindful Of When You Meet An Escort

It’s important you stay safe. When you arrive at your location, look all around you. If you feel weird or things look suspicious, get out of there as soon as possible. A majority of hotels will clean their hotel rooms in the morning, and maintenance is not generally done at night. Make sure you’re smart about your safety. You also want to be observant in the poorer countries.

Remove your wallet, and hide it in your apartment or car. You don’t want to do this where anyone can see you in public. Take a little bit of cash, your cell phone and keys… nothing else! If there is a spare wallet, consider using it. The less valuable items you have on your person, the better off you’re going to be.

Show her you’ve provided the agreed upon price, putting it directly on the table. The money is for her time… nothing else. Don’t try to exchange the money for sex, as most countries consider this an illegal act. Bear in mind some countries have legalized prostitution.

Make sure you find out what her legal status is. You want to make sure she’s 18 or older and that she has a license to escort in your location. If the answer isn’t yes, you could be, unintentionally, breaking the law.

You may be asked to take a shower or wash your hands. While taking a shower could be a bad thing, as she might leave with your wallet, it may not be her intention. Keep in mind that you could always say you’ve already taken one. This is especially helpful if you’re with a new girl to the craft – a person with no history or background for you to review. You could also take the cash with you into the shower, but she may be offended by it. Always take your cell phone, keys and wallet into the shower. Or, have her join you.

Make sure you make her comfortable. After you show her the donation, she’ll be more than willing to undress for you. If you’re concerned about the legalities, consider doing a little research to see what your state’s statutes are.

The most important thing is to have a good time with the escort.

How To Protect Yourself When You Order An Escort To Your Hotel Room

If you decide to book a London escort, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself – especially important when you have a wife or girlfriend. Your location in the world will dictate what the reliability of your escort is like, and while there are many escorts who are reliable, there are some that may not be. Therefore, you need to protect yourself. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Determine what amount of money you want to spend and have that amount ready. $300 is common for one hour of sex in North America, UK and also other part of Europe. In Asia or Africa, $200 will give you a night’s room of pleasure.
  • Use your common sense and sense the area you are in.
  • Use a hotel room’s safe to store your valuables. If there is no safe, store them in a closet in the very back.
  • If they turn up missing, get in contact with the escort agency right away. If it’s an independent escort and the hotel staff didn’t ask for ID, you could be in real trouble.
  • If you stay with friends at the hotel, leave the luggage in their rooms if they’re not entertaining escorts. The action should occur in a room that doesn’t have any valuables.
  • Don’t take an escort to a room when you’re drunk
  • If you find yourself drugged and robbed by the escort, just remember you’re not the first one it’s happened to.

How To Protect Yourself When You Order An Escort To Your Home

If you want to bring an escort to your home while your other half is away from home, you need to protect yourself from her finding out that you brought an escort home.  What should you keep in mind?

  • Figure the amount you want to spend. Each location in the world will give you varying amounts of service based on what you want to spend. If you spent $300 in North America, Europe or Australia, you could get an hour of service. In Africa or Asia, you get a whole night of fun.
  • Use the common sense you have to sense what’s going on around you.
  • Be discreet about the service around your neighbors – take steps to ensure they don’t see the escort coming into your home.
  • Ensure your valuables are in a safe location.
  • Keep your escort’s shoes inside the home so they’re not seen by anyone.
  • Talk to her softly.
  • If your other half calls, have your escort’s cell phone on silent and make sure she stays quiet the entire time. While you may choose to ignore the call, it might make her suspicious.
  • Don’t spend an entire night with an escort, as you don’t know what she’s doing while you’re asleep. Some girls may seem trustworthy but really are not.
  • The girl will use extra cups, plates and towels – make sure to clean up after her.
  • Flush the condoms in the toilet, not throwing them in your garbage can.
  • Make sure your other half’s supplies are in their original position.
  • Eliminate any sign of the escort’s presence in the home – hair, nails, etc. Make sure to sweep, mop and do laundry. You’ll also need to clean the bathroom.
  • You should hang up the bedsheets and pillowcases in the sun to eliminate the perfume smell.
  • Empty trashcans and ashtrays to an outside garbage can.
  • Don’t take an escort back to your home if you’re drunk.
  • If you’re drugged and robbed, you won’t be the first it happens to.